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MFEM is a free, lightweight, scalable C++ library for finite element methods.


MFEM is used in many projects, including BLAST, RF-SciDAC, VisIt, Cardioid, xSDK, SciDAC/FASTMath, and the Center for Efficient Exascale Discretizations in the Exascale Computing Project.

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Date Message
Dec 19, 2020 PyMFEM available with pip install mfem.
Oct 30, 2020 Version 4.2 released.
Jul 11, 2020 MFEM paper appeared in CAMWA.
Jun 24, 2020 MFEM video available on YouTube.

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New users should start by examining the example codes.

We also recommend using GLVis for visualization.


Use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs or post questions or comments. See the About page for citation information.