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Filename Version Release Date Size SLOC Notes Documentation
mfem-4.7.tgz v4.7 May 2024 3.8M 420K docs/4.7
mfem-4.6.tgz v4.6 Sep 2023 3.6M 397K docs/4.6
mfem-4.5.2.tgz v4.5.2 Mar 2023 3.3M 367K docs/4.5.2
mfem-4.5.tgz v4.5 Oct 2022 3.3M 365K docs/4.5
mfem-4.4.tgz v4.4 Mar 2022 3.0M 341K docs/4.4
mfem-4.3.tgz v4.3 Jul 2021 2.8M 307K docs/4.3
mfem-4.2.tgz v4.2 Oct 2020 2.4M 258K docs/4.2
mfem-4.1.tgz v4.1 Mar 2020 7.9M 209K docs/4.1
mfem-4.0.tgz v4.0 May 2019 5.2M 167K GPU support docs/4.0
mfem-3.4.tgz v3.4 May 2018 4.4M 134K docs/3.4
mfem-3.3.2.tgz v3.3.2 Nov 2017 4.2M 123K mesh optimization docs/3.3.2
mfem-3.3.tgz v3.3 Jan 2017 4.0M 112K docs/3.3
mfem-3.2.tgz v3.2 Jun 2016 3.3M 92K dynamic AMR, HPC miniapps docs/3.2
mfem-3.1.tgz v3.1 Feb 2016 2.9M 80K fem ↔  linear system interface docs/3.1
mfem-3.0.1.tgz v3.0.1 Jan 2015 1.1M 61K docs/3.0
mfem-3.0.tgz v3.0 Jan 2015 1.1M 61K non-conforming AMR docs/3.0
mfem-2.0.tgz v2.0 Nov 2011 308K 40K arbitrary order spaces, NURBS docs/2.0
mfem-v1.2.2.tgz v1.2.2 Apr 2011 240K 28K
mfem-v1.2.1.tgz v1.2.1 Apr 2011 240K 28K
mfem-v1.2.tgz v1.2 Apr 2011 240K 28K MPI parallelism based on hypre
mfem-v1.1.tgz v1.1 Sep 2010 166K 23K
mfem-v1.0.tgz v1.0 Jul 2010 160K 22K initial release