Getting Started

15 minutes basic

  Lesson Objectives

  Setup a browser-based MFEM development environment.
  Run a simple MFEM code to test the environment.


You need an IP address to follow the steps described below.

  If you are part of the RADIUSS AWS tutorial, you should have received an email with the AWS instance IP address allocated to you. Use that in place of IP in the instructions below.

  If you are running a Docker container locally, as described in the Local Docker Container page, use localhost in place of IP in the instructions below.

  If you setup your own cloud instance with the Docker container, you should use the cloud instance IP address.


If you use VPN, make sure to turn it off before following the instructions below.

  Set up VS Code


The browser window contains a fully functioning copy of Visual Studio Code. You can customize it further, and adjust it similarly to the desktop version.

  Set up GLVis

In this tutorial we use GLVis for finite element visualization based on MFEM.


The Host field in the Connect to socket dialog should match your IP.

  Simple test


Ask for help in the tutorial Slack channel.

  Next Steps

Go to the Finite Element Basics page.

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